Time For Change ~ By Abdullba’qi Ebbo

It is evident that a people’s dignity rests on the idea that all citizens are born with the inherent right to participate in public life in meaningful and significant ways. That dignity necessarily includes the right to live without fear, and to run for political office or endorse their peers for positions of power. Today, […]

Dear DSTV God is not curse word

It’s amazing how television has so influenced our lives that it is now a major determinant of the quality and how we live. A couple of decades ago, DSTV/Multichoice found a foothold in Nigeria and have gone on to dominate the market, squashing every competition on its part. It is still the number one cable […]

Why Abubakar Sani Bello( Abu Lolo) Will Get My Vote

As a contestant, If you expect your supporters to take you serious and canvass/amass support for you, you’re going to need to lead by example. There is no greater motivation than seeing the boss down in the trenches working alongside everyone else. few weeks ago, I raised a serious complain about the APC candidate not […]

Munir Gwarzo, Is The New DG, Securities And Exchange Commission(SEC)

Mallam Munir Gwarzo Director General Securities and Exchange Commission Abuja. CONGRATULATORY LETTER I write to officially congratulate you on your most deserving appointment as the Director General Securities and Exchange Commission, the chief regulatory authority of the Nigerian capital market. Your appointment, is well deserved and considering your wealth of experience in Economic planning and […]

Dear President Jonathan, You Cannot Win This Election By Force

Permit me to use this medium to extend my sympathy to the victims of last weekend’s fierce attack by the violent sect, Boko Haram, on Baga – a town in Borno State, North East Nigeria, where about 16 villages were reportedly to have been burnt to the ground. I have no idea why the report […]

Jonathan campaign buses torched by PDP supporters – Buhari

The presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, has told the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to count him and his party out of the issues that led to the burning of a campaign bus of President Goodluck Jonathan in Jos, Plateau State, on Saturday. The presidency and PDP had accused APC of culpability in […]

Niger 2015; looking at the two leading candidates

UMAR MOHAMMED NASKO OF PDP…. -Annointed candidate of Chief Servant after his ISTIHARA -Defeated the Deputy Chief Servant, Ahmed Ibeto and others during the PDP primary election that was alleged not to be properly conducted( case still in court) – His academic qualifications are in doubt – A former Chief of Staff and also a […]

My Worries About Nigeria ~ Abdullba’qi

With the number of Nigerians who have died NEEDLESSLY under this regime, the risen level of impunity and religious bigotry this Goverment has introduced among Nigerians, these acts are capable of triggering revolution in a less blessed country, the reality of things as they stand now is that Nigeria is a definition of everything wrong. […]

Politics in a time of bankruptcy

(Photo Credit : Elombah.com)   In many nations, whenever it is felt that hard times have befallen a people, elections represent a real opportunity for contemplating a variety of options. Voters become relatively more attuned, more sophisticated, more attentive to policy debates between candidates. Many voters jettison primitive partisanship. Instead, they leave themselves open to […]