Democracy: A blessing or a Curse in Nigeria ~ Abdullberqy

Democracy which has multiple of variant of definitions and meanings is believed to have a worldwide acceptance as the best form of government. And if one may argue, the concept has been either imposed or largely accepted as the best form of governance. However, this system of government is characterised by certain shortcomings which are […]

If Jonathan lost to Buhari ~ Nwike Ojukwu

manner he conducts his presidency, not to mention the interference of his wife, Patience, in state affairs leaves much to be desired. For the first time in living memory, I heard what is referred to as the Office of the First Lady. While I am yet to blank out his disastrous interview with Christiane Amanpour […]

It’s Christmas In Chibok, Mr President ~ Gimba Kakanda

You know what this is about. But, have you contacted their family to understand the meaning and depth of sorrow? Which family? This is the reason for this reminder. While you feast, in the spirit of this sacred season, sharing love with your political family, especially the billionaire donors, there are, somewhere in the hinterlands […]



General Abdulsalam Abubakar (AAA) GCFR, the Minna born former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He ruled Nigeria for Nine Months and handed over power to a Democratically Elected Government in 1999. As the father of Present Day Democracy in Nigeria Faces International Magazine in recognition of your Great Services to Humanity […]


2015: Politicians are ready, but what of the electorate?

By Anthony Kila   The primaries are over. Some politicians are happy. Many more are grieving and recovering from the shock of losing. That is their world; they are rational political beings. The most stupid politician in the world knows why he or she is in the process. What about the citizens though? Are we […]

Is Muhammadu Buhari the right choice?

By Sunny Ikhioya   WHY is it difficult for us to raise fresh blood, with fresh and dynamic ideas to steer the affairs of this country? I do not know. We have the Fasholas, Oshiomholes, Amaechis, Ribadus before he switched over to the PDP and so many other vibrant fellows in the APC party, yet, […]

At Least, N11.7 Trillion ($80 Bn) Stolen By Jonathan’s Croonies

By Abubakar Ali Abdallah A couple of days ago, I clicked on a link to read an article by The Punch newspaper with the headline, “N5 trillion stolen under Jonathan.” I was a shocked to my bones to find that the article was written in 2012 and I wondered what the figures would be like today. I searched the internet far […]

His Royal Highness The Emir Of Minn…..

His Royal Highness Alh Dr Umar Faruq Bahago(CON), the Emir of minna a perfect example of humility, gentility, charismatic, tolerance and a true servant of the most gracious Allaah. He is a father to many, a mentor to many and a hero to many. A blessing to minna emirate council and gentle man per excellence.

My Honest Advice To The Electorates….

Certainly, volumes of books could be written concerning the deceitful, lying, crooked, criminals that have been elected year-after-year, elections after elections, It’s been going on for over a decade now in Nigeria and around the world. Let’s just face it, Humanity is prone to lying. It’s one of the sinful works of the flesh. People […]

Dr Ado JG! The Trusted And Dedicative Public Administrator

A man who has received dozens of awards and whose life much of it is been spent on institutions dedicated to good and effective public policy. I watched with delight when he received the OON title from Mr President, as the best public administrator of the year 2013, that moment was was one moment time […]