Politics in a time of bankruptcy

(Photo Credit : Elombah.com)   In many nations, whenever it is felt that hard times have befallen a people, elections represent a real opportunity for contemplating a variety of options. Voters become relatively more attuned, more sophisticated, more attentive to policy debates between candidates. Many voters jettison primitive partisanship. Instead, they leave themselves open to […]

I am embarrassed to have Jonathan as my president

  By Gbenga Olorunpomi For weeks, I had resisted the urge to write. So many landmark events have transpired in the last few weeks and despite the persistent prompting by two editors to put my opinion into words, I chose not to. I just wanted to clear my mind for the task ahead. However, it […]

Wishing President Jonathan Bad Luck Does Not Help The Nation

By John Oshodi Whether one likes the person who is at the center of the presidency or not, at this time of crisis, in regard to our current problems with our oil and money, all good Nigerians should rally around the President.  Wishing President Jonathan gloom as we have seen lately does not bode well for the […]

Open Letter to Nigerlites in GEJ campaign organization ~ Abdullba’qi Ebbo

OPEN LETTER TO Hon Zakari Jikantoro, Aisha Babangida, Hon Kaka Wabi, Hon Mohammed Jibo, Dr Mohammed Bashir Nuhu, Com Dauda Mohammed, Hauwa Usman, Hajiya Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi and Mrs Salomi Ndakotsu, The names above are Nigerlites who are members of Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organization, for anyone to accept this offer means he/she has no love […]

Buhari: Which South-West ?

  By Akin Osuntokun     There is tragic irony in the choice of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as the South-west answer to the Muhammadu Buhari deficit in Yoruba-land. To be counted as a credential of the nominee would be the fact that he is married to the granddaughter of the late political juggernaut, Chief Obafemi […]

Still On Nigerian Military And Online Media

  By Yushau A. Shuaib     This is indeed a critical period of our national life when a raging war on desperate terrorists has kept military operations in North-East and others parts of the north in persistent media spotlight. And as would be expected, the subject now dominates the country’s online media content. As […]

Let’s discuss a new Nigeria

The confession by President Goodluck Jonathan to Nigerians that he is sometimes confused about the pieces of advice he gets from his team of advisers and friends should rather have been seen as a courageous and honest position. Our take on this is very simple: Mr. President, sack all your advisers and friends, they are […]

Prof. Wole Soyinka

Prof wale soyinka shares his views with the general public

An analytical piece With Prof. He has obliged to sharing this with as many Nigerians as possible. Please share this with friends and the general public. It’s No More about Subsidy Alone. The American President has only TWO aircraft, our president has 9[Nine] in his fleet and was voted money recently to buy ONE more! Making […]

Happy 2015: Year Of The Ram, Sheep Or Goat

By Hannatu Musawa   Two thousand and fourteen was a very challenging year all round. It was, for the most part, characterised by a high level of violence through conflict between nations, and mass murder as a result of the incessant suicide bombings and beheadings by radical Islamist groups. It was also one of the […]

My Dear Northerners ~ Zainab Kuso

My Dear Northerners, I can now see our level of illiteracy has taken us to the verge of being intolerant of one another. And by illiteracy I do not mean being through the four walls of a University. Most of us are so educated we can not go through a day without exhibiting our vocabularies. […]