Sisters Misty And Nicole Kornegay Charged With Murder Of Brother

  By David Lohr In an unthinkable homicide case, a Florida teen and her younger sister have been charged in the shooting death of their older brother. “Anytime you come on scene with something this horrific, where you have juveniles or children involved, it’s pretty unsettling, even to seasoned law enforcement and deputies,” Columbia County […]

Are you in Akwa-Ibom ?

  If yes, please join the peaceful protest today, to demand the release of Odudu Ukpanah who has been unlawfully detained for more than six months now. Odudu Ukpanah, male, 31, is an indigene of Ukanafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State and a B.Sc holder in Geophysics from the University of Calabar and […]

BOKO HARAM : An equation equal to 2015 ?

By Fodio Ahmed Whatever peace being the bed rock of growth and development fails to proffer then violence can only imagine. Hypocrisy rules our minds, so please don’t remind me of being a Nigerian who is vulnerable to faceless mob, for my sin is that I voted in impotent and selfish leaders. Indeed, since from […]

Mutiny: Soldiers’ Legal Right to Protest

  In the last three months, two sets of soldiers totalling 64 have been charged with conspiracy to mutiny before a court martial, which sat in Abuja. The “offence” proved against the accused soldiers was that they demanded adequate weapons to fight the well-equipped and well-motivated troops of the Boko Haram sect. Although there was […]

Nigerian of the Year I & II

2014 was a tumultuous year. It’s a year I remember in the shade of red, in my imagination of the globe now as a mottle of red, green, blue and brown – blood, vegetation, oceans and deserts. And Nigeria, especially the northern part, is one of the red patches on the globe, having lost too […]

Tasers Donated By ENDS Used To Extract Information From Boko Haram Terrorists

  We have received details of the successful interrogation of a Boko Haram suspect in Borno with the use of Tasers donated by ENDS. The Every Nigerian Do Something, ENDS organization has over the years provided support for civilians defending themselves against Boko Haram in the nation’s beleaguered northeast. Several tasers among other equipment donated […]


  “May you live in interesting times”   The first time I heard the above saying, I thought it was an expression or a prayer for good fortune. Upon research however, I discovered it is purported to be an English translation of a Chinese proverb with the word “interesting” conveying ironic meanings such as chaotic, […]

Full Text Of Pres. Jonathan’s New Year 2015 Broadcast To The Nation

  Dear Great People of our nation, 1. I greet and felicitate with you all as we enter the New Year today. As we mark the beginning of this New Year, 2015, a new nation is being born. A new nation is being born because of the foundations we have all laid, working together for […]

Cry My Beloved Country

By Emmanuel Nwachukwu As 2015 beckons, 2014 will go down in history as Nigeria’sown annus horribilis. This has been the year when the Nigerian State finally lost grip of the security of its citizens, although government sympathisers would have us believe otherwise, preferring to peddle in the same lies and deception that got us here. […]