Wedding Invitation… The family’s of Mal. Tanko Mai Tsoron-Allah and  Mal. Kabiru Kuta.

Cordially invite you to the  wedding fatiha of their Children.

Mal  Bala  Mai Kano and Mallam Balkisu A Sinus. Which will insha Allah take place as follows.

Programs of Events

Day.  1 WALIMAT: Date 26th October, 2018

Venue: E. R. C kpata Road Minna  time 2:00pm

Day 2 Wedding Fatiha.  Date : 27th October, 2018

Venus : Chibani Sarkin Pawa Road before Bridge by the left. Time: 10:00am.

Reception take immediately after wedding fatiha at kulkat maitumbi road Minna Niger State.

May the almighty Allah bless you as you come amen.

Hassan Usman Author

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