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October 15, 2018 1 Minute
By Muhammad Bello Abdulrahman.
As an ex-candidate under ADP (Action Democratic Party), it is a severe pain to me and other victims on what Y Y Sani, the national ADP chairman and his people has done to us after spending money, time and energy on the party. I want to use this medium to express my pain.
The way politics is becoming in Nigeria, if care is not taken, it will invite a political disaster to our society. Politics today with people like Y Y Sani is becoming a money making venture, all what they have in mind is to make money and being lackadaisical about the people interest.
We all know as the tradition of political parties in Nigeria, primary election is always conducted between candidates aspiring for same political position in the same ward, just to pick a particular candidate that will be the flag bearer of a party. As I am speaking today, in Niger State ADP held no primary election but, a result from an unknown sources was announced by the National party chairman without any agreement between other candidates.
I wouldn’t say much but, this is to announce to the general public that, I, Muhammad Bello Abdulrahman, Bawa Bwari and other victims of this fraudulent act have left the party for good. I now belong to ACD (Advanced Congress Of Democrats) as the aspirant of member house of Assembly Chanchaga constituency. I want to also use this opportunity to thank Nigerlites for expressing their pain over prerogative and fraudulent act of Y Y Sani and his people. I will keep on appreciating you all for your support. Thank you.

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