The story of Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi who clocks yet

The story of Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi who clocks yet another age today is one lined with often impressing deeds as much of generosity as of valour, candour, commitment to communal progress and respect for leaderships, across politics and communities.While those whose paths have at a time or the other crossed that of Hon. Bmitosahi may find the preceding superlatives fitting and apt for him, those who see him from the distance may wonder a bit.

When politics has been for some individuals an opportunity for self-enrichment/preservation, a chance to disconnect themselves from their own roots and their own people, when winning elections is just all these clan wait for to abdicate all responsibilities and run finally away into self-made cocoons, Bmitosahi has been a lone figure in an apparently deserted wilderness, siding with the people, working for the people, defending workers and communities, even in ways and situations which put upon him burdens as to deflate his personal material resources.

Equally accessible to the high and low, wealthy and financially challenged, connected and unconnected, patrician and plebeian, Bmitosahi remains a study in community spirit and position for service and a representation of the genuine spirit of democracy and Islam: working for the people, standing by the people, thinking with the people. Not for him, if the reason is not for the people!

As the political head of all staff of the Government House, Bmitosahi’s immediate responsibility is to manage and monitor human resources to ensure they serve needs of the Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello’s administration, a responsibility he discharges with rare panache and admirable verve.

Today, the CoS is a coordinator who coordinates with the graceful candour of the benevolent leader, rather than the dismissive hauteur of bossy lords. In being first to resume offices each new day, first to notice someone’s countenance has been unusually down, first to do this, first to do that, Bmitosahi has been first in very many conducts which have today endeared him to many an individual, in and out of the state.

Never the one to lose temper even in the face of offensive conducts of irresponsible staffers, He would invite a clearly wrong subordinate for a chat, rather than launch into outbursts reeking with boastful condemnations. ‘See me in the office’, the subtle forgiveness for a wrong that should rather have been met with iron fist.

Born on October 3, 1969 in the railway town of Minna, which is now a part of Chanchaga Local Government Area of Niger State, he was trained as a public administrator, receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees both in Public Administration at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, in 2000 and 2010 respectively. And currently a student of PHD in the same University.

His early education, was between 1973 and 1984 in Minna, before proceeding to Zungeru College of Advanced Studies,
Wushishi between 1987 and 1988. He joined the service of the Niger State Government soon after his studies at Zungeru until his voluntary retirement.

Hon. Bmitosahi’s sensitivity to social justice attracted him to politics and to humanitarian causes. His political career, in and out of active official engagements, was characterised by remarkable services and commitments to duties assigned to him.

It may in a way be disparaging to conclude that his years in public service, in both elective and appointment positions, on both national and international tasks and community development projects, were the basis of his admirable humility and commendable candour. No. Very many individuals within this state and outside share similar experiences with him, but have been worthy recipients of public condemnation and opprobrium, having applied their positions to feather their nests and flourish their material empires.

He is not like them, he’s just a different breed.

Hon. Bmitosahi’ only seems to enjoy unusual grace traceable to his unshaken and unshaking faith in Islam as a religion and politics for service and only service, siding with the people, working for the people, making the people the focus of all public conducts.

It is by reason of these qualities and desire to have the best for himself and for Niger state that the then aspirant but now Governor Abu Sani Bello chose him as Director-General, Abubakar Sani Bello Gubernatorial Campaign Organisation between July 2013 and April, 2015.

A move they started together since 2004.

How well he has served his master, God Almighty, and his boss, Governor Bello is a verdict often given by people today in the communities across the 25 local governments.

In the spirit of this season, in the life of Hon Bmitosahi and in recognition of years of selfless service and commitment to the very ideals of democracy and humanity, we join whole legion others to wish the CoS to Governor Abu Sani Bello many happy returns of this glorious day and a happy, very happy birthday celebrations Boss.

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