close friend of mine who hails from Lavun Local Government (LG), and I had a chat about the performance of my boss.

He first sent a text message after receiving my usual, almost daily, WhatsApp broadcast wherein I stated achievements of the Gov. His response to my message was that “we are not seeing any significant change oh. Nothing seems to have changed.”

This reply did not however surprised me, as it followed well in the path of familiar confrontation I get from people almost on daily basis.

But my reply wasn’t much studious, as I know even in his hometown of which he is neither a resident nor a regular visitor. So for saying this, one should not be taken much aback.

He really may not have the knowledge of the happenings there. Despite, I suspected I needed to state things very clearly.

I told him since the creation of Kutigi, no governor had been visible in terms of provision of social amenities like Gov Abu Sani Bello.

First, he renovated the almost dilapidated Kutigi General Hospital, which He followed up with the resuscitation of Kutigi Central Primary School, which is the biggest and most patronised public school in that community.

The school before now can best be described as a long forgotten, thoroughly dilapidated government owned edifice, good enough only as a relic of abandoned community.

I moved to the bigger one, Government Technical College, Kutigi, which has equally been neglected by all previous governments, despite its strategic location and having produced some of the best professionals across fields  of human endeavor who are doing wonderfully well both in public and private sectors in the state today.

The school when visited by the Chief of Staff (CoS) to the Governor could not hold back tears, seeing the level of the dilapidation. Dr. Ibrahim Dooba, who is in charge of the standards of the state reconstruction/rehabilitation of schools, also followed the chief of staff with tears. That’s how bad the school became.

Today, that school has been completely reconstructed, alongside staff quarters, perimeter fencing for security of students and teachers. I didn’t want to bother him with construction of rural roads, especially that of Wuya-Lemu, Kutigi, as well as bohorles and several other amenities.

Please, people, is this not change?

Hassan Usman Author

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