By: Muhammad Muhammad

The Team Niger Camp Commandant, Mr Abdulrahman Izom had today the 13th of September 2018 discharged 33 athletes and officials back to Minna after losing out of the game in 4th edition of the National Youth Game.

Mr Abdulrahman Izom stated that the discharged is embarked upon in order to decongest team Niger contingent, the Camp Commandant said about 3 athletes from Judo,3 from chess, 2 from tennis, 18 from Handball, 5 from Wrestling and 2 from Karate had been discharged to Minna.

Similarly, team Niger Table tennis male and female double had lost out of the game after confronting team Anambra and FCT respectively, team Niger Squash female double had also lost out of the game after confronting Team Ogun.

Team Niger Taekwando -52kg single female also lost out of the game after knocking out Borno in the first round, Kaduna in the second round and lost to team Osun in the third round. Team Niger +50kg single male category also lost out of the game after confronting team Oyo and loss.

Team Niger Weightlifting also lost out after competing in the 56kg male category, still, team Niger Gulf male category had lost out after competing, also team Niger Boxing lost out after being knocked out by team Bayelsa.

The following sports that are completely out are: Volleyball, Judo, Karate, table tennis, lawn tennis, Taekwando, Squash, Weightlifting, Gulf and Boxing.

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