When lying is their habbit telling the truth should become our character.

Reports says traders purchase election contest form for the Incumbent Governor of Niger state to the tune of twenty two Million Naira (N22M).

The Kure Market in Minna is the biggest Market in the state, the electricity supply has being cut off for a debt of 1M+, the market has being without power supply for over 1 month, only this week women selling perishable items came in group to my office that we help to talk to AEDC to reconnect the Market with electricity as their businesses have died and they are almost begging to feed. ( I have time past been at the forefront of campaign for AEDC to supply adequate power to the state)

The Kure Market currently has no security employed by authorities the ones employed have since withdrawn as they are owed salaries of upto 5 months without sign of payment in sight

The refuse collection in the market has stopped because waste managers are being owed and heaps of refuse are now gathering.

There are 3 power generating plants in the market which were supplied at over 100Milion by a member of the oligarchs while the market only requires a little above 2 Million to fix it’s electricity problems they prefer to award contracts yet these generators don’t come on even when the market is cut off electricity in the past month.

There are people in the market who have lost their livelihood as a result of fire outbreak which happened two years ago and cannot feed but they tell us these same people contributed N22M to purchase a form for our Multi-billion son of Forbes’ billionaire Governor.

How does these all add up? Habana! Haba!! Haba!!!

Hassan Usman Author

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