Bmitosahi: The Man Behind the main Man.



The Chief of Staff is often the engine room that makes things work at the Governor’s office or better still, the entire seat of the state government. He is the most highly ranked and indeed the most senior, among all the aides, working with the State’s Chief Executive.

Quite assuredly, the Niger state Governor; Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, was far too lucky to have found Al-Amin Mikail Bmitosahi, who was, and still is, a dependable, workaholic, humane, truthful, trustworthy, yet friendly public servant, with the resolve to give his all, in everything he does, no matter the odds, thereby making sure the tasks given to him are thoroughly and sincerely executed and coordinated, in genuine service and obedience to the Niger State Executive Governor and in fact, the good people of Niger State.

For those who work or have reasons to associate closely with the “Chief” as we fondly call him, one would instantly find that, he is a consummate public official, who reports early to work at all times, even before the cleaners and most certainly, the last, to leave the office. One wonders how he even spares time for himself, family and friends. Yet indeed, his lovely and amiable family life and outside-the-home
relationships, deserves to be a discourse for another day.

I am privileged to have seen, and atimes even related closely with many Chiefs of Staff but, I haven’t seen one whose work ethics, penchant attitude for winning and goal-oriented dedication and service, is akin to that of Hon Mikhail. He just wants every tasks carried out, within the specified time frame, as well as the stipulated guidelines. The "Chief gives no room for excuses. He simply would not tolerate mediocrity, in whatever form it rears its ugly feartures. So, if you are not that guy or individual that is intelligent enough to key into his work ethics and public service principles, you may find the man to be a bit boring and perhaps too rigid, for your liking.

For Governor Abu Sani Bello, his urbane and 21st century kind of leadership, the Chief of Staff is one who coordinates the affairs of the Governor and for the record, Our Man (Chief Kayan Mu Ne) is just too good on the job. As one watches him, as he interacts freely with staff and other top functionaries, what readily strikes and picks the mind of every visitor is; Is this man (that appears in white dresses only) really the Governor’s Chief of Staff?…this goes to say that, the man is too well and too good, and the world couldn’t miss just that!

His unique, but simple approach to life, leaves so much to be desired about a man who was a member of the House of Reps and now in an influential position of authority, says a lot about the stuff he’s made up of, and how he meticulously discharges his responsibility, as the most Senior Aide to the Governor.

Interestingly, when I see things work perfectly for the Governor Lolo and by extension the government, I know, it is the brilliant and excellent job the Chief of Staff is doing. He has identified and is still identifying talents and utilizing them effectively, all to the benefit of the government. You only need to look at the caliber of great young men and women assembled in #AnaMugunTare Group inspired by him, then you will understand that am not mincing words.

For the Chief’s sake, many people (most especially youths) have been provided the rare privilege of showcasing their abilities and have been gracefully allowed to take the front row, in the affairs of our dear state. So, the Chief is for the all round good of our dear state. He means well. He needs, albeit he deserves our every support, not for his person, but in advancement of his bosses political aspiration, as he seeks another 4 year’s mandate, for the good future of our dear State and motherland.

From rehabilitation and reconstruction of Rural Roads, to water projects, education, agriculture and to other people oriented programs across the nook and crannies of Niger State. The new mandate will see the Governor and his team consolidate on their current achievements.

In summary, and looking at the foregoing, it is evident that, our amiable Chief of Staff to Niger state Governor, Hon. Mikhail Bmitosahi is truly the engine room of that keeps the Restoration Agenda moving. He is just the top secret of the cordial relationship, existing between the different arms of government in the state. He is solidly behind the Success of his BOSS.

Evidently, the Chief, without mincing words, is, without any iota of doubt, a trustee supporter of the Governor, as the bond of relationship between him and his principal, is 100%. His sincere, and fight-to- the-finish committment to the new bid, aimed at returning LOLO/Ketso in 2019, (as was the case, leading up to the 2015 general elections, which saw the eventful, and ever so memorable election of Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, as the Niger State Executive Governor) was unwavering. A similar feat, with far better and greater outcome, the Chief of Staff is bent on repeating, Insha Allah, come 2019 general

Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta.
Writes from Minna

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