Does Nigeria need another foreign reality TV franchise?



There are increasing arguments that reality TV shows do not bring much nowadays especially compared to what they stand for – This arguments come to light following The Voice Nigeria, a new reality show which has veterans like 2Baba, Waje and Timi Dakolo as judges – Whatever the case, it is clear that many talents have shot to fame using platforms presented by various reality shows Since The Voice Nigeria first aired on Sunday, April 10, pundits have asked whether the Nigerian audience needs another reality TV franchise, considering how well previous shows of this sort have fared, and how they have helped young talents realise dreams of becoming superstars. sss

Whatever the arguments, reality TV shows are a part of mainstream television around the world today for many obvious reasons. Reality shows are keenly followed because they they bring about new ideas and help project unknown contestants in every new edition.

Charly Boy speaks on depression, suicidal thoughts Another benefit reality shows enjoy is that as a result of being fresh in terms of ideas, packaging and other things, they are more favourably received by the audience.

Although critics argue that reality shows’ outcomes are determined beforehand, it is easy to see that almost everything about these shows is real, and the audience can relate to this.kkkk

Hence the emotions resonating from reality shows ensure large followings, and viewers’ attention and interest are maintained for every episode till the show is over. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter US singer Rihanna performs on stage at the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil on September 24, 2011. Credit: AFP PHOTO / ANTONIO SCORZA (Photo credit ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP/Getty Images) Nigeria has had several successful reality shows such as Idols West Africa, Project Fame and Maltina Street Dance among others.

While each of these has it shortcomings, reality shows bring about the highly sought-after exposure that helps turn ordinary people into household names by providing opportunities that otherwise may have slipped past them.

There are many more benefits of reality TV shows including the fact that they allow people from humble backgrounds the chance to be on the big stage and project their talents.xxxxxxxx

These shows enable upcoming talents to land the big breaks, maximize their potential and achieve greatness as a result. As these stars are born as a result of the platform, millions of others watching are inspired and suddenly realize that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. It suddenly becomes a doable thing unlike the seemingly distant, untouchable feel that celebrities possess on screen.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Timi Dakolo rose to fame through a reality TV show The fact that reality TV shows are a stepping stone to greatness is a factor that cannot be over emphasized.

They are a mix of entertainment, reality and inspiration for millions out there, all in one show. Reality shows are big in America and other parts of the world and Nigeria is fast catching up.33333

In recent times, they have become popular on Nigerian TV, and as a result of our population size they are sure to get maximum viewership, and also from other African nations who follow our lead more often than not. Industry watchers say reality shows are cheaper to produce than regular TV shows, and so coupled with the large audience they enjoy it is understandable why there are more shows like The Voice Nigeria, which only started airing on April 10, 2016.

The picturesque display of real emotions and drama is too sweet for words. These shows provide a fine blend of entertainment, reality, and magic for millions of followers. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Dare Art-Alade was discovered at the Project Fame music contest Unknown talents vie for a chance to break into the limelight, sometimes with people from seemingly better backgrounds, and everyone is placed on a level playing field.

It is priceless. Clearly, only one winner will emerge but at the end of the contest we often see that anyone who comes as far as the top three or top five stands almost an equal opportunity of becoming successful as the eventual winner.

In fact, emerging the winner places so much on the shoulders of the winners in terms of public scrutiny, criticism and infinite expectations, that it is often easier for the second or fourth placed contestant to vie for stardom as he is seen as the dark horse and so has a fairer, more uninhibited opportunity. Altogether, every one of the contestants realizes opportunities that hitherto would have gone unnoticed and unexploited. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 2Baba was discovered alongside his former group members, Plantashun Boiz at the Benson and Hedges talent competition.

Controversial Nigerian celebrity speaks on getting death threats (Pictured) So in sum, with the proliferation of cutting edge PR strategies, media push and social media plugging almost any TV show with a fine script will fly. Now, you think of this and you imagine the potential a reality TV show has in aspects of public acclaim and social media buzz, especially when characters in the show are random individuals like the audience, who can more easily relate to their personalities.

Imagine the no-holds-barred sensations, talents and drama that reality shows bring to the screen. For this reason the audience will always stay glued to their screens when a new or already existing edition comes on air. So if there is any argument whatsoever, it should be in favour of promoting reality TV shows as well as getting more corporate sponsors involved in this unique process of raising tomorrow’s stars.

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