World breastfeeding week : Bauchi NAWOJ advises nursing mothers to embrace exclusive breastfeeding


As part of activities to celebrate the World breastfeeding week in Bauchi , the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Bauchi state chapter has called on nursing mothers to embrace exclusive breast feeding in the first six months of their newborns to prevent them from contracting childhood killer diseases.

The state chairperson of NAWOJ, Bulak Afsa said this on Wednesday in Turum Primary Health Care Center Bauchi to mark this year world breastfeeding day with the theme, ” Breast feeding foundation of life”.

She said that when a child is exclusively breast fed for the first six months of its life, such a child would have very good immunity, high intelligence quotient, and would have such a great bonding with its mother which would prevent it from the tendency of becoming a social deviant later in life.

According to her, ” breastfeeding is not only important to the children but also to the mothers for whom it prevents cancer when they regularly breast feed their babies”.

Bulak then appealed to our various government and private institutions to let it be of paramount importance to them to provide crèches in their business organizations for the benefit of breast-feeding women so that they can keep their kids there and have the opportunity to breast- feed them regularly and also work at least for the very six months

At the end of the occasion, the State NAJOW gave 3 best breastfeeding mothers and other prizes. Speaking ,the represtative of Bauchi state Director Primary Health Care Agency, Alhaji Usman Mohmmed, said that many do not know the importance of breast feeding but there are so many advantages “One of them is prevention of infections which is normally contacted during the preparation of formula foods.

According to him, we have told mothers that exclusive breast feeding for their children for the first six months is mandatory. This is because it is good for their growth, brain development, prevents infections and improves child-mother bonding. “We have also told mothers who complain that they don’t have milk in their breasts that it may be due to the fact that they are not eating and living right”, he added.

Usman Mohammed appreciated NAWOJ initiative and urged them to do more as women association for a healthy society.

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