Niger’s Lolo, and His Critics


By Adam Abubakar Evuti

People who are critical of the Government of Abubakar Sani Bello say that His Excellency is doing only “small things,” and that the media team of the government is making noise about these “small things.”

I do not disagree with them that we are making noise but I refuse to accept that any project, however “small”, should go unreported. Those who speak for the government must speak whenever the government takes any step towards the betterment of the life of the people, because it is their job.

Those who are unimpressed with this government are asking to see grand projects like the 5-star hotels of Abuja, the Kano-like underpasses and those kind of bridges we see when we go to Lagos. But Abubakar Sani Bello doesn’t see how these will benefit the people or why the state should waste time and limited resources pursuing them. So they accuse the government, not of corruption or incompetence, but of unwillingness to embark on execution of gigantic projects.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello nurses the ambition to take Niger State out to the world, but, in my own understanding, he is a pragmatic administrator who understands that babies must crawl before walking then running and, if they’re ambitious enough, consider even the possibility of flying. Because this is the way of the world.

His Excellency’s Restoration Agenda aims firstly, as the name implies, to restore all our infrastructure that have for a long time now been in a state of disrepair or that have completely collapsed -and Niger State has so many of them. There is no part of the state without I’ll-equipped hospitals bad roads and dilapidated schools.

The most reasonable for any government to do is to restore the infrastructure of the state. And what have we seen in Abubakar Sani Bello’s Niger? Roads are being built and renovated as schools and hospitals are being renovated, constructed and equipped, while the water works in the state that have ran aground are being overhauled.

Yet, His Excellency’s critics insist that all the Governor is doing is basic. Perhaps governance is basic. But if we think about it, Niger State does not need these things the critics of the government feel a state must have for the government to be considered a performing one. If, and Abubakar Bello has been doing this, a government provides water, then constructs roads and bridges to open up farming villages, will this not be of more importance to the people than needless underpasses and tall unimportant buildings?

One cannot help but ask what exactly makes a project “small”? Take the overhaul of the equipments of waterworks across the state for instance, it may not be as expensive as an underpass but there is no doubt which has more impact directly on the lives of the people.

I will finish by saying that governments must be careful when they have to choose between doing what people want and what people need. Any responsible government should place need above want. I will add too that for us to do big things, we must firstly do small things because doing small things well is how, without knowing, we do big things.

P.S: Lolo Is Working.

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