NGO trains youths to discover selves, career advancement

Some of the youths at the bi-monthly training organised by Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YISHDA)
Some of the youths at the bi-monthly training organised by Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YISHDA)

By Talatu Maiwada

Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YISHDA), a Non-governmental Organization on Saturday trained no fewer than 50 youths on self-discovery, emotional intelligence and career advancement.

The workshop is part of the NGO’s bi-monthly training for youths tagged Youths Without Boundaries and targeted at inculcating in the youths the ability to discover themselves and advance better in their chosen career.

Speaking at the event, Mr Moses Agbara, Director of Communication YISHDA, said that the event was in partnership with Hip City Hub.

Agbara said the event was focused on self-discovery as a spur to the general effective output of young people in the society.

He mentioned that the pressure for young people to succeed in workplaces, businesses as well as the aspiration to become entrepreneurs required knowledge and assessment of self.

“Leading `self to greatness’ means young people becoming aware of their strengths, weaknesses, talents, inherent skills, passion, and emotions that they could leverage on through self-discovery.

“However, without unlocking the innate capabilities of self, the overall output of an individual becomes questionable which is a reflection of self.

“Self-discovery will therefore help youths manage external pressures, using their natural abilities to stay positive and productive.

“Fifty youths are being trained on leadership capacity and how to become innovative solution providers in their workplaces and communities,’’ he said.

Agbara stressed that the workshop would guide them in choosing appropriate careers based on their talents, skills and passion and also provide relevant skills to thrive in any entrepreneurial or corporate environment.

Speaking, Mr Bassey Bassey Executive Director, Hip City Hub, said the workshop aims at engaging youths from their natural conservative self to become more expressive and adventurous to attain a level of actualization.

“The training is an experiential one because, we realized the eco system in Nigeria is shrinking; some youths are facing a lot of challenges of not being engaged in productive ventures.

“The training is targeted at how society is evolving, the available market they can venture in and how they can develop themselves to fit into the work environment as entrepreneurs, ‘’ Bassey added.

Miss Blessing Achibong, a participant at the training, commended the organisers, saying: “I have come to realize that I need to discover myself to work in the right environment because; ones personality has a role to play in the person becoming successful and function maximally in life.


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