Governor Sani Bello Seems Wasteful, Credulous.

Greetings Nigerlites. I am back on track to share views with you on the political tango in Niger State. I am doing this to exhibit my political education thereby contributing my quota to the development of my State through the exercise of my inalienable Rights enshrined in section 39 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
To start with, I am no longer in doubt that Niger State has retrogressed farther backward under Governor Sani Bello in whom I hitherto saw a greater impression of a rocket leader more so as a product of Buhari’s APC SAK Mantra outcome. What unravelled my doubt is his recent attempt at self exoneration that he didn’t promise Nigerlites anything and so should not be accountable to the State’s development. It’s quite unfortunate for him to say so. He morally need not be told that whether he promised anything or not the burden of the state must be inherited and shouldered by his incumbency. In fact, his denunciation is in itself acceptance of failure on his part.
We are all aware of the many times IBBUL went on strike for various demands and the glaring high demand of lecturers in COE Minna. One lecturer to 400 students will churn out quack products at graduation. We can see practically how the State’ s housing estates near Zuma, the Col.Sani Bello Housing Estate in Kontagora and the beautiful estate built at Bida by the Talba administration. Lolo left them to waste because he doesn’t care and didn’t made any promise to further develop Niger and Nigerlites. Those properties are neither sold out nor offered for rent for years. The loss there is inestimable. There is practically no will to continue the seven star hotel started or probe the lack of continuation; neither is there hope for the proposed city mall at Mobil Roundabout. The university of education dream is dead et cetera et cetera.
This is just in Minna. It’s a good deal to learn if we view across the state. How many kilometres road can Governor Sani Bello celebrate? From my last visit to Kontagora last week, there were about 89 potholes or spots of potholes on the Kontagora road from Tegina which can be filled with tar, sealed with cement or covered with mud. Neither was done thus occasioning periodic accidents that cause death. If the governor can’t fly, let him jump; if he can’t, let him run; if he can’t, let him walk; if he can’t, let him crawl. But, he is seated. To not do anything on that road amounts wastage of human capital; it’s a simple disservice. It’s a great risk voting Lolo again as he will remain as ineffective and not bothared as he is now even if he is giving 15 more years. Let’s kick him out!!!
I make this outcry public as a political yoga so that there will be some political toga but When we talk his media generals will not fear God. they will pounce on critics as though we aren’t in a democratic era, including my friends I.H.E Dagash and Shooaib Wana; the duo gave me wide berth as a consequence.
When one chides the government on education, some political flora and fauna would strike quite ignorantly. Yes-men self acclaimed intellectual like Abdulberqy U. Ebbo will begin sheer defence with fallacies citing Gbamgba Primary this or Kuku primary that thus alerting us of the NPE/UBE counter funding bilateral treats renovations here and there. I want Jibrin Ndace to explain the double standards in government’s payroll. Perhaps he doesnt smell a rat. Many political appointees are also civil servants and contractors in this government; I won’t fail to adduce. By this also, Governor Sani Bello is guilty of wastage. I will rather not be intimidated to continue to talk of government’s failure.
Imagine he was out of the State during the Sallah festival, a day his presence and felicitations are most needed. The usual frenzy durbar of Minna Emirate to the seat of the governor instituted by a colonial master, the Resident of Niger Province, Mr Backhouse since 1950 was deferred by Lolo during the last sallah festival. As he chosed to be in Russia for the world cup, Isn’t that a retrogressive damage to the customary practice of Minna Emirate? This is annoying and scores Lolo unsatisfactorily, We don’t need him as our governor again, let’s think twice.
I am inclined to give Governor Sani Bello some excuses. He can perform in person but his hands are tied by someone on top of the hill. If you understand me then why should we vote for Lolo again? Please, let’s kick Lolo out by all means. He’s not any good to the State as far as governance is concerned. Ibrahim Shuaibu Ajagunana. 24th June, 2018.

Hassan Usman Author

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