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The federal ministers from Niger state right from Sardauna’s time have been very prolific men. They were not just central characters in their governments but people-centred administrators.

If we start from Alhaji Aliyu Makaman Bida, who was the Vice Premier to Sardauna and Minister of Finance, you will know what I am talking about. He was one of the brain box for the Premier of Northern Nigeria. He was equal to Sardauna in all ramifications thereby making Niger a prominent province in the region.

The prestige created by the like of Makama ran through people like Professor Jerry Gana, Alhaji Ahmadu Muye, Alhaji Idris Alhassan Kpaki, Alhaji Abubakar Tanko, Alhaji Sani Ndanusa, Barr. Gimba Lawyer, and more. These people were visible, eminent characters at the federal leadership scene, and in their home state of Niger. But today, we have awaken to not just a lackluster representation but a mysterious one for that matter.

Professor Jerry Gana was full of fire, confidence, articulation, knowledge and dynamism. Ahmadu Muye had guts, knowledge, honour and gait, an elder of immense value. Idris Kpaki was in that class too. Abubakar Tanko was a refined, measured gentleman who was never absent. Sani Ndanusa was prominently energetic, outwards, social and a sports activist. What they had in common was that, they understood the people of Niger or Nigeria owned the positions they occupied, so, they were available to give it to them. People knew where their houses were in the state and the Ministers opened their doors for the people to relate with them. None of the later Ministers from Niger was as legendary in openness as Alh. Ahmadu Muye. In fact, the little he brought back, he gave all to the people.

Today, you have a Federal Minister whose house people do not know. Who is hardly anywhere in the public sphere of the state or at any function of his own design for young people to access. The reason being that there is none he has created. Where is his hand in Minna or elsewhere in Niger? This is three years, the fellow is totally absent, and generously so.

Where are those people of his, our friends: Mahmud Ndatsu,   Bature Tagwai,  Mashud Aliyu Yerima,  Faisal Mu’azu, Alfa Ibrahim Tsadu, Danjuma Odegbami, Mohammed Arah, Baba Otu, Ubale, Atu Badakoshi, Abubakar Tswanya, Mathew Nuhu, Solo is dead, where are they? Where is Master and Sule Muye? What has the current minister made of them? What power do they wield in the state as people who have attained success in life? They are not complaining, they are people who have reached high points in their careers, too. However, in our journey through life, personal successes must translate to community successes, the Minister ought to have learnt how to organise his successful friends for greater community action for the benefit of young people. Community service and organising community is much more gainful than our personal gains. The sound health of the community is the health of the people. This Minister needs to know this! This call is a duty until change is made.

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