Beyond just a Boss, you are a Brother!

We cherish to apply this modest medium to record our heartfelt gratitude to Your Person for the superlative excellence of your supports in our life.

Such supports which have singularly reversed and remedied for us, as it has done for so many families and residents, a life of active idleness and costly lacks, cannot but go unrecorded in such glowing language as only befitting of a man with a large heart, a mentor of mentors, father of fathers, a first line giver and philanthropist whenever deeds of kindness and fellow feeling gain deserved elevation!

Sir, by the content of your demeanour to us, a distant stranger, you have transcended the boundaries of a boss to that of a blood brother who is genuinely interested in our progress beyond plastic and fleeting responsibilities and positionings of politics.

You have made yourself for us a friend who indeed can be related to like a family. By the stroke of your intervention, ours today is a grass to grace story! You have always been there to give hope and courage when one has almost lost them. In a society in which one has to be rich to be important, one in which not to be politically prominent and connected is to know and meet disconnection and rejection, you have towered well above the common herd of humanity who factors only the here and now!

Beyond mere wish for a most outstandingly successful chief administrative officer, ours must be but a prayer that as you have stood by us and make life for us one glowing instance of comfort amidst lack and progress in the face of debilitating gridlock, may the Almighty continue to sustain you and your entire endowed family in all ways and at all times, make His blessings and guidance gifts as you will always access at all points of your life, and such uncommon grace as shall set you apart as the best.

We must equally assure that our loyalty shall remain unalloyed and unflagging, even as we have picked up a new task of crafting His Excellency, Alh Abubakar Sani Bello’s well-deserved return to government house on his completion of this current tenure, not only for all that we have received and receiving from our thoroughly valued association with and pupilage under you, but the honour which your association with us have done and is doing us. This, more than any other factor, has propelled us beyond dreams, and has been a singular reason for our worth as a being. Sir, we remain eternally thankful and beholden to you!

Barka Eid-ul Fitri in advance to the chief of staff to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger staff, Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi

Signed: #AnaMugunTare

Hassan Usman Author

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