“If someone told us in our family that you President Muhammadu Buhari will be the one to do this honour to MKO Abiola despite the relationship between the two of you, we would not believe it. But you have done it. You touched my heart when you even apologized to our family because of the annulment. You touched my heart.
On behalf of MKO Abiola Family too, I apologize to you to forgive and forget what my Dad must have done to you too. Thank You Your Excellency…..”

Hafsat Abiola.


I thank Hasfat Abiola for that Apology. I knew how that 1985 coup was organised. — Olusegun Osoba
MKO bankrolled the IBB coup that took Buhari from power. Few years later, IBB denied MKO his election mandate. Few years still later, Buhari righted the injustice IBB infringed on MKO. #TeachableMoment… — Isuph JT
Me: It’s time to forgive and move on. Hatred is no road…

Hassan Usman Author

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