Buhari’s impeachment will lead to violence, coup – Junaid Mohammed


Junaid Mohammed, Second Republic lawmaker, has warned the National Assembly against impeaching President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Mohammed warned that impeaching Buhari may lead to the “Army” taking over control of governance in Nigeria.

Speaking with DAILY POST over the impeachment threat by the National Assembly, the former lawmaker stressed that Nigeria may just be “Subjected to a military coup and there is nothing that can be done about it in the National Assembly.”

The social analyst also berated the National Assembly, saying the threat against Buhari was not in the interest of Nigerians.

He described the current face-off between the executive and legislature as a “ruse” which has exposed both arms of government as corrupt and selfish.

According to Mohammed, “From the word ‘go’, I have never had any respect for the President or the National Assembly. They are one and the same thing and they have done nothing but a great disservice to this country. They are both national and international disgrace.

“If you look at the substance of the threat between the National Assembly and the President, you will see that there is nothing of national interest.

“What is happening now is a ruse and it shows that these people are so adamant in their corruption and there is a sense of entitlement in their corrupt acts. They feel they are above the law and with this kind of self-serving confrontation, it is not in the nation’s interest.

“This impeachment threat as far as I’m concerned is a fight for relevance. They want to show that they can do what they like, that they are above the law and you cannot talk about democracy if an arm of government feels they are above the law.

“The basis of democracy is the rule of law and without it, we are nothing. What I see now is that the legislature are untouchable, this is official nonsense.

“I fault the threat because it’s meaningless and I believe that for such to be made, they must have a priority which should be in national interest.

“This threat doesn’t do any good and has nothing to do with the reasons for which they were elected. If they are not careful and the impeachment is carried out which may lead to violence, they will have blood on their hands.

“What I’m seeing is that this impeachment can lead to the Army coming back to take over the country. Make no mistake about it; this country can just be subjected to a military coup and there is nothing that can be done about it in the National Assembly. “


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