2019 Election Is Not About Me But For Nigeria-Atiku

The former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has clarified that his quest to serve Nigeria and bid for 2019 election, were not born out of ordinary interest, but for Nigeria of many younger generations’ dreams, that he owe dedicated service, yet to be completely delivered.

Atiku stated that his core mission, should he get elected as president of the nation, would be to revive comatose economy and business, return investment opportunity been eliminated as a result of human factors and give hope to every living being across the country.

He said that his passion for delivery of constructive system and thriving Nigeria, was as a result of vision he shared with past great Nigerians and leaders , who selflessly sacrificed their lives to service of the great country, that gave him and other prominent Nigerians alive, countless opportunities at their disposal while growing up.

The former vice president made it known that he would remain that patriotic Nigerian, who democracy meant a lot to, the struggle of which he claimed he joined at early age, as a young Nigerian.

Speaking at a symposium and inauguration of The Atiku Mandate Group (TAM-G) on Tuesday, in Lagos, the former vice president, who was represented by National President, Turaki Vanguard, Youth and Women Mobilisation group, and Chairman, All Atiku Support Group, Oladimeji Fabiyi, disclosed that he has placed upon himself responsibility of making the country work again and that with provision of jobs, investment opportunities and safety to lives and property, as dividend of democracy, the nation would yield out development never experienced in its entire existence .

Atiku signified that his aim was only to serve as link bridge for Nigerian youth, so as to enable them clinch to power and take charge of their future, just as reiterated that there was 40 per cent stake for young Nigerians in his government, should he emerge as president of the nation, come 2019.

He indicated that, since 2019 election was drawing close and anticipations were getting tensed on daily basis for Nigerians in need of better life, he would not encourage members of public to go into violence, when election process could be made peaceful.

“The 2019 election is not going to be about me being in power, but for Nigeria and Nigerians who are in need of better means to livelihood”.

To him, there is nothing stopping the nation from becoming a developed country once opportunity to investment and doors to means to livelihood is left open to entire citizens.

The former vice president assured Nigerians that he was not coming to government to amass wealth but to put into use his sea of experience, which as he put it, cut across business, politic and him being an elite Nigerian.

Earlier, Atiku, in his democracy day speech, noted that ultimate virtue in democracy was power that it bestows on people and essence of it lie in ability of the citizen to live a complete lifestyle that enable every man or woman to triumph in his or her legitimate pursuit.

He explained that concept of democracy was absolutely in-congruent with a notion of regimentation either in the political or economic sphere.

According to him, Nigeria’s journey to democracy was a tortuous one that claimed lives and limbs of many a patriot and it is incumbent upon us as beneficiaries of their sacrifices to ensure that the country advance the course of democracy through transparent elections and making our governmental institutions work for the people.

“The integrity of Nigeria’s electoral process and ability of government to be accountable to the people are the minimum requirements to appreciate the sacrifices of those who gave their all for the enthronement of democracy in the country”.

Besides, Atiku urged Nigerians to ensure that they secure permanent voter cards and use to it to determine their future, as well as that of generations unborn.

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