Counselor: Marriage requires patience

Mr Echelonye Agbo, a Marriage Counselor in Dunamis International Gospel Church, Karu, on Saturday advised couples to be patient with their spouses to ensure successful marriage.

Agbo gave the advice in an interview on Saturday in Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

He stressed the need for couples to tolerant each other for greater peace and meaningful achievements in their marriage.

He appealed to couples to be patient with one another because patience is the greatest virtue in marriage.

Agbo said that couples should look beyond the immediate gains from their union and consider their compatibility in a life-long project like marriage.

According to him, the devil is against marriage that is why we see numerous divorce cases, but the Bible detests divorce because marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God.

“Couples should learn from each other and appreciate their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

“We know that there are challenges in marriage, which include childlessness, interference by members of the extended families, among others, but tolerance is required to overcome these challenges.

“Tolerating each other on certain issues will make the marriage to be stronger; put God as the focus of your home because ‘a family that prays together stays together’.

“As couples, you must learn to be opened and forgive one another as soon as there is misunderstanding,” he said.

The counselor added that couples should live up to their responsibilities so as to achieve the benefits of marriage.

He urged couples to understand that marriage was not all bed of roses, and above all they should learn to live together with understanding.

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