My problem with Obasanjo, says Buhari


1. He submitted ministerial appointment lists two times i rejected them.

2. He nominated a replacement for the sacked NIA boss. I considered it inappropriate hence rejected it.

3. He finally brought a company to handle the Mambila power project worth $5.8billion with lots of irregularities and I rejected it.

4. I also learnt that the Ota farm staff had been on government’s payroll, till I came into power and I stopped it.

5. I came to realize that he was using federal govt registered vehicles for Bell school and University throughout his days as president for the staff of his personal school. I stopped it too.

OBJ’s sins are numerous and his sins are what he fears because the future looks bleak.

Every sinful soul must receive his or her reward which always comes in the negative form. That, I said

These are the reasons why Obasanjo is against me.

~ Muhammadu Buhari

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