Emir preaches unity, peace, national cohesion

Emir of Jiwa Dr Idris Musa

Dr Idris Musa, Emir of Jiwa, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has called on Nigerians to love one another and co-exist peacefully in spite their ethnic and religious differences.

Musa spoke with newsmen in his palace shortly after his Chieftaincy Investiture and Turbaning Ceremony held at Government Secondary School, Jiwa on Saturday.

The event was also part of his 17th anniversary and 66th birthday celebrations.

“I am now 66 years and today is my 17th year on the throne; so I have every reason to thank God; it worth celebrating.

“You can see the crowd; I thank everybody that honoured my invitation; may God reward them.

“My message to those honoured today is that we should be our brothers’ keepers.

“I am asking FCT indigenes and Nigerians to embrace one another; we should be love one another and live in peace.

“We do not have any other country but Nigeria.’’

He said that a Lebanese was among those honoured because of his contributions to wealth creation and employment in the FCT.

He said the Lebanese had a factory at Idu industrial park which was within Jiwa emirate.

“When I visited his factory, I discovered he employed 500 Nigerians both men and women.

“The chairs he manufactures are exported to African countries; so, if he can do something like that in my chiefdom; I need to appreciate it.

“If he can accommodate Nigerians of every nationality there, he needs to be encouraged,’’ he said.

The event attracted a huge crowd while cultural troupes from different ethnic nationalities accompanied the honourees.



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