By Comr:Bala Mustapha 

Niger state have been blessed with abundant human and material resources. Over the years,the state has been at the forefront of engineering the project called Nigeria.

With these, come the challenge of leadership and governance. The leaders of past years have contributed their quota in ensuring a rapid development and advancement. But since the advent of democracy, the citizens have yearned for more in the area of development most especially human capital and infrastructure.

To the bemusement of many,it has been rocking and rough while on the course of advancement of the state.
The PDP came and tried the best they could for sixteen (16)Solid years to contribute their quota, but the citizens of the state were left disappointed especially on the performance of the administration of the orator like no other, the fondly called chief Servant.

This manifested in the 2015 election as the wish of the electorates was to usher in a new party to take over the mantra of leadership so as to bring in the desired change. As democracy is a game of numbers, the wish of the electorates prevailed.The APC won by a landslide margin thereby sweeping nearly all the seats up for grabs. With the reinvigoration of hope, the masses rejoice and celebrated wildly the change they enforced by their votes. His Excellency Governor Abubakar Sani Bello was sworn in and the euphoria was so high as it raised the level of expectation on him. We at the grassroot joined in the celebration as it was a big sign of relieve from the absurdity that greated us in the form of the PDP administration.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello started on a bright note, by getting the administration of the state rearing to go again swifty. So many projects worthy of praise was flagged off.The zero potholes, rehabilitation of schools, new roads construction etc . It was a huge relief for a state to witness such that it is been yearning for years in just few months since the birth of this administration of Abu-Lolo.

Consequently the past one year has seen a decline if not deviation from the aforementioned in the life span of this administration. Sadly, the PDP as the leading opposition in the state is just there with no qualities as an opposition to put the APC on its toes. The greatest opposition to this administration in the state is the APC itself as we keep on shooting ourselves in the foot. its become that bad that even the foot soldiers can no longer defend the administration on its goofs because even the blind person knows the government goofs in so many ways.

So many infrastructural projects started by the government have been abandoned with contractors not in sites for the past one year, most especially the road construction/rehabilitation.

This has caused unfold hardship on resident plighting the road. I strongly believe the governor have good intentions, but what the people want is a job well-done not goodwill.

I never wanted dabbling into the issue of stoning of the governor or other politicians, because it is a misnomer and a misfit for our democracy. But better grassroot policies and politics would have averted that disaster.
The question begging for answer is, does Governor have advisers?

What are they doing?. To me some of them have failed in advising him on policies and way forward out of a quagmire .Those at the grassroots know what pains them, it is this pain that make them go wild and incontrollable. The administration they help usher in has left them in their pitable condition.it is a wake up call for AbuLolo led government. There is no justification for violence, as I condemn in totality the activities of miscreants in stoning or causing havoc. The consequences is high. I pray and hope there’s no repetition.

The government must show remorse and retract its ugly steps by getting closer to the populace.that will ease the nerves of the lots.

I must commend the massive infrastructural work on the schools in the state. This has led to so much left to be desired. The governor must as a matter of urgency, ensure that teachers of quality and quantity are the one at such schools to teach our children. As important as education is, the learning and teaching of our wards shouldn’t be left in the hands of unqualified teachers. Public schools is now a laughing stock as the middle class and the rich take their children to the private ones because of the fallen standard of learning in public schools. This trend must be reversed by ensuring that all political office holders subscripton of their wards to a public school. Furthermore, we now see the wisdom of the past administration in not succumbing to pressure on the issue of local government autonomy. Local government administration in the state is at its lowest ebb. Some local government are left with nothing after utilizing their reccurent expenditure while some are left with deficits to augment on the shortfall and others have surplus. This is not sustainable. Joint account must be brought back to bridge the gap so as to enhance the performance and bring about equity in the distribution of wealth at the third tier of government.
The speedy ressolution of all pension related matters by ensuring that the issue of the 7.5% is trashed out once and for all and all incurred debt on pension is paid as soon as possible should be of uttermost concern to the governor. Pensioners have suffered enough and it is my believe that we can and should do better.

Lastly, the governor has embarked on so many trips locally and internationally since the advent of this administration. What we hear and I read is that, all those trips are to woo investors into the State so as to Marshall the program of the government. The people at the helm at affairs in charge of information dissemination of the activities of the governor and government are lagging behind when it comes to this frequent trips. As the people need to be informed about the travels of Mr Governor and his whereabouts to avoid speculation and political backslash as the case was with Bida incident. So many conjectures were made. This ought not to be. For every trip, there should be a release.

For the success of the state, each and every hand must be on deck to help nurture our darling state to enviable heights. Mr Governor, this is the time to reflect. Your success is the success of the state and its people.
Long live the Governor of Niger state

Long live Niger state
Long live our humble President of Nigeria
Long live Federal republic of Nigeria

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