There is a brewing crisis in Niger State over the refusal of the Government of Abubakar Sani Bello to settle outstanding benefits of Pensioners in the State.

This is coming despite the receipt of three instalments of Paris Club Debt Refund to States by the Federal Government with the provision that settlement of outstanding salaries and pensioners outstanding benefits.

It is estimated that Niger State received approximately a total of N30 Billion (Thirty Billion Naira) whereas the total pensioners benefit is not even up to N10 billion (Ten Billion) Naira.

Worse still, pensioners only started receiving their monthly pensions from the month of October, 2017.

Since then, neither the Niger State Pensions Board nor the State Government has said anything about the outstanding benefits.

The questions agitating the minds of not  only pensioners but the general public are: where is the Paris Debt Refund, who is the person holding the people to ransom, how can fellow humans be so heartless and insensitive to the sufferings of others, especially those who have given the best years of their lives to the Service of the State; how then do you hope to inspire those still in service.

What further distresses the mind, is the rate at which pensioners are succumbing to death weekly in the State because consequent upon non-payment of their benefits, many lack the means to tackle their health challenges.

This fact is in the public domain and its boggles the mind that those holding the key to solve the pensioners challenges seem not to care or they care seduced by the allures of Power to forget that there is accounting before Allah in  the other side of Life.

It will be wise for those who know the reality that human existence is at the pleasure of the Almighty.



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