Med-view incident : No injuries recorded, says CPC

Med-View Airlinel
Med-View Airlinel

By Rachael Ishaya

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) on Sunday said  no passenger sustained injury in the incident  involving  Med-view aircraft in Abuja.

The Director-General, CPC, Mr Babatunde Irukera in a statement  urged members of the public to remain calm.

Irukera said that no  passenger was hurt after Med-view Airlines Flight VL2108 to Maiduguri from Abuja was cancelled for safety reasons on Sunday.

He said that the CPC had been communicating with officials of Med-view airline, and it said at no time there was an emergency, and passengers were never at risk.

“At approximately 1400 HRS, while attempting to depart Abuja to Maiduguri on the final segment of the sector, the flight had a Ramp Return, that is, return to base after commencing taxiing on account of a safety issue.

“Specifically, an indicator lamp signifying a minor disorder emerged.

“The Captain, exercising the appropriate abundance of caution and in compliance with applicable safety standards aborted the flight and returned to base for technical assistance.

“All passengers disembarked in an orderly manner, returned to the lounge and were catered to by the airline in accordance with relevant Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations regarding treatment of passengers during delays.

“Engineers are presently concluding minor repairs so that the aircraft can become operational,’’ he said.

Irukera said the flight to Maiduguri was expected to operate later today, either by same aircraft, or a redundancy or recovery plan that Medview had informed CPC that was in place.

He said the CPC would continue to monitor the situation, and provide updates if necessary.  (NAN)

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