Have the member’s of the Niger State House of assembly fulfilled their obligations to the electorate that voted them in to office since 2015?,do any of them has any scholarship or visible project on ground base on the constituency allowances they have been receiving since they were elected? Look at what they did to the pension scheme and issues of the New pension scheme which all the civil servants rejected and they review the issue after a public hearing, but later squash the bill in a day,
How many times has your state assembly gone back to his constituency to hold talks with his people?
It does the Apc is it’s own enemy,that’s the problem when a lost sheep finds itself in an urban market.
It is high time we stop panic support and votes, we always vote for sympathy poverty eaten candidates to the state assembly instead of the right and good one’s.
This are people who have not been able to bring any value to the state or it’s legislation.
One of the member was a Local Government chairmen under the platform of the PDP for over 3 year’s, if I may ask what was his performance or achievements,
They have never advice the Governor on any good thing, when the local govt could not pay salaries he could not say anything,they have not come out to tell the world what the state have received in the last 3 year’s, the projects on ground and so many other things.
Am sorry if that’s the manifestation of the Apc all the Niger State House of assembly members have kissed it Goodbye, there is no cross carpeting that will save anyone.
This is the worst House of Assembly members we ever had in the History of the state.
I expect they should come out and tell the world how much the Governor or Assembly gave the local govt for contracts execution

Aliyu Terry

Abdulazeez Author

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