Minna to Bida road is positioned as one of the Federal Government feeder roads in the state serving as one of the gateways to Niger South (Zone A) towns and other communities along the path. It’s also a road that links the North to the South, a road adjudged by commuters as one of the shortest to link you to the south West.

The 1976s appreciates Gov. Abubakar Sani Bello for his intention to rehabilitate the federal road despite the fact that it’s not under his jurisdiction, all in an effort to ease the plight of citizens plying that road on daily basis in search of basic comfort which is commendable.

Months running down to a year since the contractors were mobilized to site by the Niger State Government, the renovation has witnessed and assumed a snail movement type for not more than an 85-90km route by car. The contractors are hardly seen working on site with hundreds of motorists subjected to hardship and discomfort. This is the same road that witnessed the revocation of an earlier contractor by the State Government who was awarded the rehabilitation of the road and failed beyond expectations.

The socioeconomic activities along that path is threatened meteorically. Of recent, there has been an increasing trend on the recorded number of precarious accidents by innocent citizens with more road users now becoming shakier whenever they intend to plight the growing desolate road. This shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

Communities along this path also most especially those around Sabon Daga transcending to Gada Eregi have also been exposed to hazards through the inhalations of humongous and thick smuts arising from the abandoned rehab road. This is a serious health risk that might annihilate the younger and older ones whose immune system might not grapple.


Citizens must not fold their arms and watch when they have all available options of civic right and engagements to exercise. Because we are perturbed and not too sure when respite will come to the road users including the residents, we suggest the following panacea.

1. The 1976s calls on concerned citizens (Trusted Groups/Unions) in the state, most especially those in Bosso and Bida LGAs (the road shared boundary with Bosso LG) to call on their members representing them at the state assembly to wade into this development. Its is one of their sole responsibility to checkmate some of these laxities by the executives. But how much have they demonstrated this on their own path? These representatives almost on different occasions use the same road to converse with their constituents. Hold them responsible for their silence on the plight of the people.
2. In additions we should also create time to ask, what has been the role or efforts of Chairman Bida/Bosso LGAs, Federal Reps and the Senators representing them? #AskQuestions
3. Organize yourselves as an entity (Concerned Communities), meet your traditional title holders and lodge your outcries. Adjure them to intercede on your behalf with the authorities. Sure, you can expect to get some efforts as stakeholders who have people at heart.
4. Writing to the State Government reminding them of the hardship face by the people and the upsurge of the carnage will not be out of place.
5. Office of the DG Projects Monitoring and Documentations by now should have written to the Governor calling for the revocation of these imprudent contractors and never should they be engaged in any infrastructural development in the state.
6. Mr. Governor despite his intention to rehabilitate this road must show swift concern by ensuring this rehab is get done since it has begun. He must understand that the pyramid chain of responsibilities lies on his desk on all affairs in the state. He must without delay find a way of unclasping any lingering issues on pending projects including this one across the state.

Finally, its our prayers that Niger State Government with all sense of ardour will look into the plight of the people, face the rehabilitation squarely and give a new sense of hope and smile to the road users.

The 1976s Team


Hassan Usman Author

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