Niger State house of assembly and the organized labour have been urged to impress on the state government to pay d pensioners their entitlements to alleviate their suffering. A statement by d state secretary of Nigeria Union of pensioners comrade Abdullahi Baba Sani says d call was necessary because officials charged with d responsibility of paying them their entitlements have been shifting blame on one another. It adds that presently d union did not know who to hold responsible for d delay in d payment of the entitlements. D statement specifically appealed to d governor to direct d state pension board as well as ministry of Finance and that of d local govt and Chieftaincy affairs to pay them. It said d issue of pensioners to get six, fifteen and thirteen percent respectively have not been addressed not to talk of their gratuities. D Union then alerted d state government that members have been subjected to untold hardship due to nonpayment of their monies.

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