North. Ailing Industries and Failure of Northern Governors

_By Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta.
Very pathetic seeing the deteriorating state of the industries in the North. We have been turned and made a mere dumping ground.
For all the abundant farm produce that comes out from the North, hardly a single item is or can be processed here.
Since 1999, northern governors under the aegis of the Northern Governors Forum have been making empty promises of revamping the comatose industries in the north, must especially the once productive textiles industries in Kakuri (Kaduna) and in other parts of the north.
The big question remains, who will save the north and its ailing, unproductive and decaying industries? Wouldn’t it be better if we begin to look inward for investors? What is even stopping these governors from marshaling out plans that will not only drive but support and encourage real economic activities? If they are not tired of been call a rent seeker, abeg, me I tire for the insult!

I know for a fact that, some people even campaign on the premise to revamp the sector. Now, I’m reminding them of such promise. It’s 2years down the line and the story is still the same.

We need to work the talk. Enough of the summits, seminars, round table discussions, foreign luxury trips in the guise of attracting foreign investors and other stuff like that.
Being proactive in this regard will convince many northerners that a New Sardauna is in the making!
Mu Tashi, Mu Farka Yan’Arewa…Mu San Bacci Aikin Kawai Ne!

Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta.
300level student of Mass Communication Dept, IBBU, Lapai and can be reach via this email or 08069733008

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