As we Have Our Say.

__by Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta
The rate at which some of us castigate, cast aspersions, malign, defame people and must especially, individuals holding political office before the estimation of right thinking people is highly unacceptable, unprofessional and uncivilized way to either commercial politicking or propaganda.
Honestly, this is very worrisome trend that I totally frowns at it. I hope many will lend their voice against this malicious act. We at liberty to have 'our say' but we must say it responsibly and reasonably.
Let me ask. Is this how some of us have become so lazy? I'm just helpless seeing how those loose
cannons descends so lowly as they resort to cheap blackmail and praise singing all in the effort of
getting free money and patronage from some overzealous politicians.
Too sad! This is quite unfortunate. Mind you guys, nothing is free even in Freetown!
Better channel your talents and energies to more productive, meaningful and responsible ventures.

The earlier, the better.

I fear for my generation. I for once wouldn't have recourse to raise any alarm if these malicious publication are for public good as they empty and cheap just as the authors. It would have been more profitable if we positive put to use the opportunity that the social media avail to us.
Though, how some of us use the social media and by extension the internet speaks volume about the stuff they are made of and their kind of personality. Enough of this cyber rascality.

Abdullahi Yusuf Kuta.
300 level student of Mass Communication Dept, IBBU, Lapai and can be reach via this email or 08069733008

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