The Government of Niger state is using this medium to appeal to and empathise with the people of Azza in Lapai LG on the collapse of Katakiti bridge.

Government is aware of the centrality of the collapsed bridge to the lives and daily operations of the people, considering immediate socioeconomic implications of the development.

Government is not unaware of the hardship and desperate situation of the people. It has therefore begun processes to ensure the bridge is restored within shortest achievable and reasonable time.

It is recalled that the same bridge had recently been given some temporary repairs by government, but had suffered damages owing to the persistent rainfall. It has consequently decided to institute permanent solution, rather than temporary palliatives, to confront the problem, a remedy which is possible only after the rains, based on the advice of experts.

Towards this, Government has, through relevant departments, secured a standard design for a concrete bridge that will last ages after construction. This is possible only after the rains.

Government therefore implores our people to exercise just a little patience to allow considerable subsicion of rains (which has gone down already) to enable undisturbed commencement and completion of the critically desirable project.

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