I was a guest at a dinner last night and an argument ensued between myself and one of the organizers, the Topic as usual….

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s performance

He said

“1. Let me just take the Education sector, How can a Governor shared vehicles to Education Secretaries while the schools are in bad shape?
2. You’re sharing vehicles to Education Secretaries where is the road to use them on, all the roads that lead to rural areas are in bad shape
3. Teachers welfare is so low and most of them are even unqualified, what kind of a government are you people running that everyone is crying of Hunger from Buhari to Lolo, and don’t think I’m saying these things because I’m a PDP member, No I’m speaking as concerned citizen here”.

And I responded,

‘Sir, even if you’re the PDP National Chairman, it does not make you any less my brother and as a Nigerlite your right to question how you’re being governed must not only be respected but upheld.

Let me answer your first question sir, in 2015/2016, Niger State Govt/SUBEB has renovated/rehabilitated and constructed OVER 270 PRIMARY/JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS and as I speak to you now, another phase of renovation/rehabilitation and construction of OVER 200 PRIMARY/JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS is ongoing. I have the record.

Sir, don’t forget that NINE SECONDARY SCHOOLS are undergoing total renovation under the WHOLE SCHOOLS RENOVATION APPROACH SCHEME. So to say that Education Secretaries shouldn’t be given vehicles is to show them how unappreciative the Govt is.

Question 2 sir, Governor Abu Sani Bello has rehabilitated/rehabilitating well OVER SEVENTY EIGHT roads by the state Govt and another THIRTY FIVE through counterpart funding with Donor Agencies. I have the record.

The Governor is building in Marraraban dandaudu a SPECIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL meant to develop interested young talents and develop their skill in teaching. This is how you can begin a process that’ll produce qualified teachers sir.

Question 3 sir, If only these roads, these schools, were in a good shape when we came on board, their welfare wouldn’t be what we should be talking about now but all the same the Governor has promised to look into teachers welfare and you know him to be a man of his words’. That was how the argument died.

Like Mark Twain said, Get your facts first and you can distort them as much as you please.

When they speak English, you speak statistics.

@Abdullberqy U Ebbo

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