The Honorable Commissioner, Niger State Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Development, Alhaji Mamman Musa, had intervened into the clash of interest between Sha’abaze Youth Movement’s Old and New Executives over election and change of leadership of the association.

The Commissioner called on the organization to exercise cautioned and trend slowly and urged them on the need to keep harmonious coexistence, he directed the Elders and stakeholders to resolve amicably and reconciled their differences.

Alhaji Mamman Musa stated that what was witnessed in Sha’abaze is peculiar to any election conflict; he said the conflict can be resolve and promised to do everything in his power under the ministry supervisory role over all associations and organizations in the state to intervene and resolve conflict of interest that promotes peace and unity in communities.

The Commissioner reiterated that his appointment and the confidence he enjoyed from Governor Abubakar Sani Bello is a clear mandate given by the people which Sha’abaze is part of. He further stated that the ministry is established to issue, withdraw certificate and sanction any associations or organizations that is found wanting operating in the state.

Alhaji Mamman Musa however added that the ministry will do everything legally possible to find a lasting solutions that will keep the peace of the communities that formed the association, he charged the aggrieved parties to shield their sword and chart a new course towards the self development of their area.


The desk officer, Registration, Certificate Issuance and Corps Members Matters, Niger State Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports Development, Mr. Moses L. Pada, explained that Sha ‘abaze Youth Movement were registered with the Ministry on the 20th of October 2015 and certificate was issued.

Mr. Moses, further explained that sha’abaze Youth Movement later forwarded a minute of meeting dated 7th of January 2017 that was tendered to the ministry on the 5th of July 2017 about seven (7) months interval informing the Ministry about an election held at Shaábaze office in Maikunkele, he said the new executives of the association demanded for the retrieval of certificate of registration from the old executives which called for the ministry intervention, Mr Pada thanked the management for taking the bold step in resolving and reconciling the aggrieved parties.

Mallam Jiko, a Patron of the Sha’abaze Youth Movement confirmed to the Honorable Commissioner that none of the Communities or stakeholders that formed the association were involve or inform about an election neither aware of any change of leadership, the elder claimed and affirmed to the commissioner that no information or correspondences were serve or made available to acquaint them of the new development.

The Stakeholders (the District Head of Gurma, Ward Head of Manta and Village Heads) hailed the Honorable Commissioner’s intervention as the right step in the right direction, they promised to adhere to the ministry initiative. The legal counsel to the Sha’abaze Youth Movement called for the obedience of the constitutional provisions establishing the organization and cautioned that unless two third majority agreed no section can be adhere to.

The communities that formed Sha’abaze Youth Movement resolved as followed:

*That they agreed to called for a meeting of both aggrieved parties in other to iron out the differences.

*That they agreed to conduct fresh election for emergence of new leadership.

*That they agreed to hold the election on Sunday the 6th of August 2017 by 11.00am.

*That they agreed that the Ministry of Youth officials should supervise and observe the proceeding of the election.

*That they agreed to accept the outcome of the result and support any leadership that emerges.


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