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Teelda Spa & Cosmetics-TSC is an affiliate of Teelda House of Concepts; a body/skin care product-line for everyone (kids, youth and old both male and female). Our products are intended to complement all skin types; to repair, rejuvenate and give even tone flawless outlook without blemishes, giving you a more confident skin. Our products are a combination of highly tested healthy ingredient with natural extract from fruits and herbs tested safe approved chemicals that guarantee tremendous results. TSC products are of 5 categories; The Body Washes/Scrubs, The Face Washes/Scrubs, The Face and Body Cream/Lotion/Oil, Total Skin Care Treatments and Spa Therapy of all Natural non-Medical procedure to help the Health of the Body. We are in distribution-alliance with a Nigeria-base renowned US Cosmetologist-(Certified). Our products are very safe and healthy for the skin and are guaranteed to show visible results from inception on purchase.

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TSC is NOT a “trial and error” situation body care line; it is a “POSITIVE RESULT” situation with us. We even your outlook by quality, not quantity. We maintain premium standard because we understand the consequence and risks of poor quality and substandard products. Hence we believe in improving our quality and expanding into various body care areas to meet your individual needs. We test every product for your health safety before circulation.

THE BODY WASHES CATEGORY: Is the first in line of TSC products because we understand the need of have a good bath/shower. We have researched on clean skin to help enhance the effectiveness of other body care products and treatments. With our body washes, be assured to have an even flawless skin without blemishes. At this level, we deliver positive result products that exfoliates, rejuvenates, protects, repairs damaged skins, tones and whitens lightly to enhance your outlook. This is not about buying on-shelf popular “NAME” products that does not always guarantee desired results because of the level of imitation in the cosmetics market; only to realize it’s just a label. We offer a range of body washes/scrubs for daily use to help protect, activate and prepare your skin for effective performance of other body care products and treatments. Our body washes/scrubs are very effective because of the tested and approved chemical compounds from natural extracts in our products which include AHAs-(Alpha Hydroxy Acids (a group organic carboxylic compounds which comes from selected natural fruits) that helps reduce wrinkles, aging signs and repairs damaged skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. Our products also include essential Vitamins that nourish the skin and improve over-all out look of the body. Hence, with our products your health is totally safe. We solely recommend a registered distributor near you when necessary, eliminating 99% chance of product imitation. Discontinue the use of toxic chemical substances that cause damages to the skin and let’s help you eliminate that wrinkle, skin-discoluoration, irritation, rapid aging and also prevent skin cancer with our products. Acquire the right body care products that guarantee safety and value for money.

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Teelda Body Care Products: Whitening Bath Gel -1Litre, Papaya Body Wash – 500ml, Shed-Off Cream – 500ml, Herbal Bath Gel – 500ml, Honey Bath Gel – 500ml, 3 Minutes Body Scrub – 500ml, Berry Bath Gel – 500ml, Whitening Body Cream – 500ml, Whitening Body Milk -250ml, Papaya Body Cream – 250ml, Lemon Body Cream – 250ml, Party Body Cream – 250ml, Flawless Toning Cream -500ml, Light Choco Cream (for ebony skin complexion divas and gentlemen)- 250ml,  Body Butter Cream, Pink lips balm. Others include; Body Butter Cream, Spot Cream, Acne n Pimple Cream, Pimple Cleanser, Face Day & Night Cream, Body Activator Oil, Face Whitening, Cleanser, Premium Ketchup Wash(For Boss Ladies), Face Whitening Wash, Papaya Face Wash, Ebony Face Wash, Whitening Oil, Skin Moisturizing Glow Oil For Damaged Skin And Cold Weather, Stretchmarks Treatment Set(works gradually and must be used religiously), Knuckle Treatment Set(Works Like Magic), Blemish Oil, 15 Minutes Bath Oil, Whitening Face Toner(Cleanser), Lemon Soap, Lemon Skin Set, Honey Skin Set, Flawless Skin Set, Fruity Skin Set and Many More. “…your outlook and health is our priority”.

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Live a more confident life in a Flawless skin with our Products. We offer professional training classes and distributorship opportunity with small start-up capital. Delivery is Nationwide.


Note that Prices are negotiable on order.

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By; Matilda Ifeoma Okenyi

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