Who said the Northern Part of Nigeria is NOT a Great and Most Feared Region?

Just a Small Sneeze from a few Groups of Youths of Northern extraction has sent everybody Nervous, Jittery and Confused.

The Essential and None Essential, Consequential and Inconsequential have been having field days in condemning the actions of the coalition of Northern Youths calling them names to Oil their selfish Political Support by cajoling the people from South East, South South and South-West to disregard the statement from the Youths.

Where are these Pro-Biafra, MOSSOB, AFENEFERE, The Niger Delta Avengers, Northern Political Advocates of Restructuring and Political Apologies of the Yorubas when the Hausa were massively killed recently in Ile- Ife?

Where were they when some States openly Banned the Fulanis?

Where are they Now when Nnamdi Kanu has consistently broken all the RULES surrounding his Bail Conditions?

Where are they when the UNITY in Nigeria is strongly threatened by the Activities and Programmes being Transmitted by BIAFRAN Radio and Televisions?

Even those serially failed Politically Elected and Appointed National and State Officials are NOW seizing the opportunity to open their mouth.

How much have you contributed from your various States from your Politically huge pockets? How have you assisted your brothers and sisters displaced by Boko Haram in their various IDP camps in the North?

Can they equally tell us what they have contributed to provide SUCCOR to the victims of the recent Ile Ife massacre of their brothers and sisters and What are they doing to the ravaging hunger and poverty glaring at them from the faces of their Hungry Poverty -stricken Almajiris.


By Musa Yusuf

Abdulazeez Author

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