Children increasingly become addicted to violent web games


Experts believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a strict watch on the activities of their children. — Courtesy photo

MAKKAH – Despite social and medical warnings on web games and their negative impact on children, the number of children engaged in games promoting violence is increasing, according to statistics gathered from electronic stores.

The messages being forwarded on “WhatsApp” accuse the “Network” games for the disappearance of a child after being asked by one anonymous player to send her home site through a window chat.

Head of the psychology department at King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Saleh Al-Ghamdi, warns of the impact of electronic games which have strong influence on children’s behavior, pointing out that the danger lies in the fact that the games practiced by children daily through the digital space with the participation of outsiders motivate violence.

Al-Ghamdi says after a careful analysis of the content of “Network” games, psychologists believe that they contain language that instructs children to kill others, and the scenes of violence and criminality may be reflected on the behavior of the playing children.

It seems that children spending hours on computers playing videogames could lead to isolation, which is what security expert Maj. Gen. Dr. Mohammed Al-Humaiana sees amid warnings of leaving children alone surfing the websites.

Maj. Gen. Al-Humaiana said that families leaving their children to danger threatens them and exposes them to a lot of extortion by unknown people including games that have become destruction tools because of their violent contents.

Educational expert Musa Hakami believes that the most important risk is “planting deviant ideas in the minds of children making them susceptible to accept any idea sent their way.” He was referring to the possibility of using the games as a way to inculcate bad habits among children.

Psychological counselor at Taif University puts a lot of responsibility on parents to protect their children from these risks. “The reduction of excessive confidence in giving children the power of entertainment over the Internet for long hours without supervision or control is important,” he said.

Media has a major responsibility in spreading awareness and warning of excessive use of technology, and being exposed to the evil schemes that seek to kill and destroy the social fabric of society by spreading terrorism and corruption.

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