Withing a week I followed this rood (Kontagora/Rijau) twice. What I have seen, how I felt, how the others do as did me is terrible and unbelievable.

Moreover, the most fundamental principles behind a social and peaceful revolution that leads to APC occupying the highest position as well as most of the states, is to turn Nigeria from a consuming to a self-sufficient and food exporting country.

Definitely, we can’t realise this without good roads that will make it easier/accessible for farmers, to hundreds of miles of uncultivated land.

Furthermore, we are still calling, urging and at thesame time advising our political leaders to dubble their efforts in bringing an end to this tragedy. Yeah, I call it tragedy.

@ His Excellency Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, Our Distinguished nowhere to be found Senator Sabi Abdullahi, Hnrbl Shehu Saleh (Slow) and others.
To be considered.

By Wazeeri Sa’ad Imam

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