‘The PDP should be more concern with the terrible situation they deliberately put themselves in as a result of bad leadership’


By Abdullba’aqi Ebbo

The tragic incident that occurred in Mashegu local Goverment area yesterday where a truck fully loaded with petrol lost control and killed two APC supporters is a regrettable situation and with all sincerity a painful lost to Apc and and all that have good conscience.

An eye witnessed revealed that, Apc supporters were at the junction where the tragic event took place waiting for their amiable governorship candidate, unknowingly to them the poorly maintained truck was on high speed coupled with the fact that the road is also very bad, lost control and ran into the supporters killing two of the young men.

In an apparent shock, the APC guber candidate, Abu Lolo, described the incidence as unfortunate and enjoined the parents of the victims to see the entire incidence as the will of Almighty Allah. Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello directed that the entire campaign exercise of the day be suspended and that all members of his campaign team himself and supporters must remain in Mashegu for the continue prayers of the departed souls.

The statement by the PDP public relation officer claiming that Apc were using highway for rally is false and such a petty allegation is not what we need in these sensitive times, how can APC deliberately put to risk lives of its supporters knowing fully well that could cost them votes in the forthcoming elections. The entire purpose of he campaign was to amass support for the party, should the party lost lives, this apparently means reduction in the number of votes, which common sense cannot accept.

The PDP should be more concerned with the terrible situation they deliberately put themselves in as a result of bad leadership. In almost all the places visited by the change campaign train of Abubakar Sani Bello, no single event that relates to violence has been recorded, sadly this cannot be said of the PDP.

Ours is not politics of attack and smearing integrities just to appear good, which is glaringly impossible as the mediocre has been well noticed by the electorates and the breeze of change is refreshingly been welcomed by all…


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