I still think we should continue to explore the possibility of establishing kontagora as a viable trading hub, first by reviving commercial cotton production and processing activities. The kontagora cotton ginnery that has been in comatose for more than three decades has the potentials for creating more than five thousand jobs, the CHURCH GATE cotton processing plant also in kontagora, one of the largest of its kinds in the country also has capacity for generating more than five thousand jobs, the NigerSack which employs one thousand workers was originally part of the design to produce sacks for bagging of farm produce including cotton, has been dead a long time
The enormous amount of revenue derivable from that sector alone including value chain is hovering in the neighbourhood of well over 300 Billion Naira Annually, which to me represent an important figure for driving economic indices in terms of production, processing, distribution and manufacturing – Textile
The economic blue print of the present administration must be realigned to reflect this reality and realistically therefore, I expect the government to set up a framework for this to happen.
Kontagora has a huge, huge potentials for both Agriculture and Commerce, it is goldmine that the government cannot afford to ignore if it truely desire a production economy that will bring the much needed cash for services delivery.
The administration of His Excellency Alh Abubakar Sani Bello has the capacity for achieving that, he has proved that already by reviving the Badegi rice production and processing plant in Bida, he has also proved that by breathing new life into the Borgu commercial rice production activities which attracted the Indian Investment partnership, the PJS AGRO FARMS LTD, he has also proved that with the SUNTI SUGAR investment partnership and indeed the JIMA/DOKKO partnership inniatives with DANGOTE Investment group to develop rice production.
Fundamentally, I expect the government to hit the ground running in this regards.


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