Older women castigating slay queens did worse in their prime – Alibaba


By Ekaete Bassey

Veteran comedian Alibaba has carpeted older women who have been criticising young ladies for attending Obi Cubana’s late mum’s burial in Oba, Anambra state.

According to the stand-up comedian- cum- actor in a viral video, these women, now in their 50s, did worse than these young ladies who they perpetually castigate as they are no longer vibrant for the trade anymore.

Alibaba also mentioned that most of these women who own properties in choice areas like Banana Island, VGC and the likes were able to acquire them by sleeping with politicians.

“We just ignore some of them. If person begin mention name, some of them no go last for their husband house.
“I have been to see a Governor, I greeted him, sat down. As I was just sitting down this woman emerges from one of the rooms; it’s a suite. Emerges from the room, carries her bag, the man greets her and just so that she’s not embarrassed, I said ‘Long time, I’ve not see you. How’ve you been? We need to hook up o! And then she laughed and we gisted and then she left.

“That same woman was on Facebook one time when someone was doing a Facebook video and abusing girls that went to Oba. The girls that went to Oba, were they doing anything different from you?

“Let’s even go there. There are some girls now or ladies that own houses or businesses in Lagos. When I say own houses and businesses, I’m talking Banana Island, I’m talking Lekki Phase 1, I’m talking VGC. Just name the place, Osborne.

“A lot of them were dating governors, military governors, some of them were dating civilian governors.

“All of you feel like when you were doing yours between the ages of….cos some of you that are 50, 52, 53, 54 now were the same people who were same people who were dating these military men, dating these governors.

“Didn’t you hear of newscasters that were marrying big men and billionaires? Now all of you… there’s nothing like off the mic

“But those of you who were in the business before these young ones came to take over, those ones are prostitutes. Let’s not even go there o!

“If you go to a party and sit down like this at the party and I’m seeing the ladies that are sleeping with the man that they’re greeting and greeting the man’s wife, I feel like just going to say, ‘Madam don’t greet this one o! When we went to do one show in Abuja, she was sleeping with Oga.’

“But they are the same people that will come online and start abusing celebrities, abusing people. What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with this one, that one? You people are sleeping….and they behave like feminists o.

When an issue comes up that they are supposed to take on, they will not take it on.

” the nation