Imams Ask Nigerian Govt To Pay Salary To Religious Leaders To Tackle Insecurity


The Chairman, committee of FCT imams initiative (CFII), Tajuddeen Adigun, has called on the Federal Government to include Imams and other religious leaders in the fight against insecurity in the country.

Adigun made this call while speaking at the 17th extraordinary dawrah (conference) of the FCT Imams on the theme: ‘Unity of Imams as a Forte to the Ummah and Secured Nation’ on Saturday.

The Islamic cleric stressed that people listen to religious leaders more than politicians, stating that it is not too much if the government decides to pay salaries to religious leaders to maintain peace.

He said “The reality is that people have belief and listen to their imams much more than the politicians.

“This is not to underrate the position of politicians, because Allah has handed over power to them.

“However, politicians should not underrate the influence of imams. If government decides to pay salaries to religious leaders so as to maintain peace, it is not too much.

“When I say religious leaders, I mean generally including the non-Muslim religious leaders, because all religions have influence over their followers.

“In FCT, I can tell you we have so many examples of calamities that when 75 percent of the imams deliver uniform Friday sermons, it will calm the situation.”

Adigun also urged Imams to play a role in the fight against insecurity even if the government refuses to recognize them.