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pThis might appear early, but I needed to pen it for posterity.
It is clear that the next governor of Niger State will be from the Niger South Senatorial District (known as Zone ‘A’). Even though there are some advocates of “No-zoning”, they are actually in the minority. I for one don’t support that position too. Well, that is a discussion for another day.
The race to clinch the governorship sit by political gladiators from the Nupe Speaking areas of the State is clearly visible even to the blind. One can see from the now constant and regular rush to go “home” for weekends or to attend weddings and other events, which hitherto will not be honoured by a representative or a mere best wishes from same fellows who are now on a frequent pilgrimage back “home”.
The distribution of several items for no reason to the people is also a pointer to the 2023 tussle. A situation that has seen many of these politicians distributing cars, motorcycles, sewing machines, fridges, and grinding machines among others by all sorts of faces, both familiar and those that remember their “home” because of the 2023 election in sight.
No doubt, one must give it to these politicians for been able to find their philanthropic prowess at this point in time. But, before then, we must also appreciate their ability to think through the mind of the people and for knowing that, doing what they are doing is ENOUGH for them to possibly grapple the governorship sit they are eying. Bravo, we must say.
However, as electorates what exactly are we looking at for as a criteria in electing our next Governor? Are the bags of rice, the rubber rubber and swaggers enough requisite? Or is it the fact that Honorable A or B or both have attended my wedding or naming ceremony sufficient? Where exactly are we heading to?
These and many more questions beckons for answer oh dear Nigerlites! Haven’t ye suffered enough? Certainly those overnight gifts should not be ample reasons to inform our choices. We must crave and go for a diversified leader, one who is creative, innovative and someone with good foresight. Who will draw partnership from across the country and beyond. Partnerships that will not end on paper but a realistic partnership that will transform lives.
We have a cache of industrious young people whose talents and ideas are not properly harness, Women folks braking barriers and shattering the restrictive norms before them for good. A vast arable land from Baro to Sarki Pawa and from Ibeto to Tarfa. We are blessed with Creative Literary geniuses telling our wonderful stories. We are a State of prosperity, we only need to exploit it.
Nigerlites, I don’t believe we cannot make it, no, I don’t. But we must collectively reason beyond our stomach, quench our thirst for immediate gratification and look forward to the future. Where will you want yourself to be? What about your kids? And their kids? Will your choice be useful to you and to them? I wish us the best, not what we wish for ourselves at the moment!
I conclude this by praying, that may God give us “enough, for all, forever” Ameen!
Ibrahim Akibu Jaafaru
Photo: Getty Images

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