We are in January 2021 and it is the year 2022 that is the only sheild that covers 29th May 2023 when new Government is expected in Nigeria and mostly states of Nigeria. We must therefore start to warm up seat for the players and to make them believe that come 2023 the show will not be the usual maradona tactics.We have started long ago with serious organisations educating our people and we shall continue to explain those hidden areas where our semi- illiterates,deceived people and callous political practitioners usually pinned our people down for their selfishness.As ardent advice,those preparing for this adventure especially in Niger state,must hold that the practice is not like before.

Sweet talk,dashing out of insignificant materials just to deceive their conciousness by providing maggi,soaps,matches and so called deceptive empowerment are not the order of 2023 to secure that seat.Any Aspirant must practically put down modalities in achieving the much troubled matters hitting the masses in areas of:

i- Insecurities of banditaries across our villages with timeline and failure we invoke section 188 (1)of the 1999 CFRN. Any Governorship Aspirant must make thisvery clear and open in any fora for his/her nomination and at campaigns.

ii- General apathy in the civil service must be addressed mainly in areas of recruitment, promotion, payment of salaries and allowances and wicked disregard of our senior citizens from getting their timely benefits. Governorship Aspirants must give timeline and if not achieved ask for step down from the position in line with section 188(2)(b) of the 1999 CFRN.Let they make this very clear and open to avoid this embarassment.

iii- Unemployed Youths.A Governorship Aspirant/s must equally put down workable solutions of how to engage our teeming unemployed Youths across the state with timeline.Failure to do this calls for massive demands by Youths for such Governor to step aside for those that can profer workable solutions.

iv- A Governorship Aspirant must provide a workable and scientific ways of internal revenue generations so as to open opportunities for rapid infrastructural developments across the state. On such new areas as in mona- rail transportation,roads expansion with toll gates in high brow areas within the state.Explore the proximity of Niger state with the Federal Capital which for long have not be the case in Niger state.

Let it be understood that whoever comes out for this political office must believe that it is voluntary,he/she is coming to serve,that is not a position for a person who is not prepared educationally, physically, sincerely, with vasatile experience in human management and good manager of resources but certainly not for having that office for having sake just because of the temporary benefits attached to the office which are accountable now or later before or after death.Therefore,if one has different motive please quitely withdraw from the race.

Truth is bitter but whoever loves you will always say it to you.The choice is yours.

This write up is going to be in series.This is the first part to continue please.

May we be guided.
Lakpene Yusuf Bida,Esq.

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