Budget dynamics, is the State’s driver of policy implementation, that formsthe forces and determinate factor, at which the policy makers pool resources to actualize, as indicated in the, 2021 proposed Niger State budget, written by Information Officer, Niger State Planning Commission.


Niger State 2021 proposed budget Dynamics are in administrative sector, economic, law, justice and social sector at which the State is projected to be propel for it development growth, the State Government earmarked 9.01% as proposed expenditure in the administrative sector for 2021, with 68.91% projected to be expended in the 2021 economic sector estimate.

Niger State 2021 proposed budget dynamism has however, earmarked 1.65% to be spend in law and justice, while 20.43% is also projected to be expended in the State social sector. Furthermore, the 2021 proposed budget dynamics of the state, as determinate factor has projected 55.58% to be spend on the State personnel cost, with 22.19% earmarked for overhead costs and 22.23% for consolidated fund charges.

This dynamics is expected to propel the 2021 proposed budget which was tagged estimates of Realism by the State Government, the dynamics is a platforms which resources are use to implement the set objectives, it should be recalled that, the Honorable Commissioner of Budget and Planning, Honorable Mamman Musa, during a flagged off of the budget screening exercise of MDAs, reiterated that, the State expenditure framework and fiscal strategy policy will be the guiding principles of delivering good governance and services to the people of Niger State.

The State dynamics, is an indepth look of the 2021 spending, in the proposed Niger State budget, which allocate resources into prioritized sectoral form, as a projected expenditure, written by Information Officer, Niger State Planning Commission. 22nd November, 2020.

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