Pep Guardiola wants his ‘Messiah’ at Manchester City


After Pep Guardiola’s renewal with Manchester City became official until 2023, the British press saw the continuity of the Catalan coach as a great first step towards Messi’s possible incorporation into his club, which could reportedly lead to a reunion between the two, something that has not happened since 2012.

Dreaming is free, and they are certainly doing a lot of it in Manchester. For several seasons now, Messi’s arrival at City has been almost taken as a given, and the country’s press is biting their nails, waiting for the day to arrive.

Apparently, the renewal of Guardiola as coach of the English team has led the country’s media to return to the dream, and to thinking that Leo could end up in the Premier next season, even more so since knowing that he wanted to leave Barca, but circumstances and the directive prevented it.

Without going any further, on the cover of ‘Mirror’ there is a photo of the Catalan signing his contract and next to it a big headline with a short, clear and concise message: “Get Messi”.

The same media explains that the continuity of Guardiola as coach of City would intensify the search for transfer of Leo. The possibilities of arriving would increase, which would create a media frenzy never before seen in England.

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