Niger Assembly has Direct Salary


Management Committee to pay September outstanding salaries of over 4 thousand civil servants in the state.

This formed part of the resolutions of a motion on urgent public importance by Madaki Malik representing bosso constituency.

Malik Madaki explained that over four thousand civil servants in the state are yet to be paid their September salaries based on the committee’s directives to the office of the Head of service.

Adding ,that civil servants are who are yet to paid their salaries are in untold hardship and therefore required the salary Management committee to clear and settle all the outstanding salaries of affected civil servants who are not in the dismissal list.

He also stated that committee assignment is still ongoing and yet to submit its report to the Government.

Therefore the salary Management Committee should after the completion of the exercise,submit its findings and recommendations to the Executive for further necessary action.

The House unanimously resolved that Head of service and the salary Management committee to appear before the lawmakers.
Source: Rashidat AbdulRahman

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