Niger has three Senators with not less than ten Federal Members. A state with a Minister of State Foreign,FIRS Chairman,CG,NSCDC,Deputy Governor,CBN, CG,Fire Service and rest.

A state with four Hydro Power Stations fully located .A state that housed two former Heads of State .A state that housed one of the River Basins.

Yet,Niger state becomes the state with least Federal Government attention.The following very important projects have been allowed to lay fallow by the past administrations inclusive the present administration so much loved by the Nigerlites.

It is in Niger state that for years nothing have been done about the Hyperdec despite having it passed into law for many years.Baro port half done leaving the essential part unattended like access roads,railway and other infrastructural facilities.It is in Niger state that,all Federal Highways are not made passable.It is in Niger State despite the existence of four Hydro Power Stations that has the lowest supply of electricity.

Niger state gives the present Federal administration the highest votes in the North Central block. It is the state that gives APC all of its elections in:
i- Governorship APC.
ii-All Senators APC
iii- All Federal Members APC.
iv- Almost all its State House Members APC.
v- All Chairmen of her Local Government Councils APC.
vi- All it’s Councillors at state’s Councils to APC.

Haba,Haba it is time for APC National Stakeholders,His Excellency the President to look at Niger state with compassion and bail out this state with what will benefit the poor masses more than individualistic appointments which probably some may seem as Niger State is adequately compensated.If so what about similar states that have juicy appointments and yet adequately catered for with infrastructural developments.
Niger state need good roads,constant electricity supply.Full implementation of HYPERDEC to address yearly flash floods on Nigerlites.
Time shall tell


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