Niger State has the largest landmass in Nigeria and, by all implications, the highest number of Federal Roads connecting the North, the South West, and the North West of the country.

Among these roads are: Ibeto -Kontagora , Kontagora -Mokwa, Kontagora – Rijau, Kontagora – Bangi, Minna – Suleja, Lambata – Lapai – Agaie – Bida – Mokwa, Mokwa – Bokane – Tegina, Minna – Kataeregi – Bida, and Tegina – Kagara – Pandogari.

Most of the roads has outlived its lifespan and needed to be completely reconstructed. While, the people of the state appreciates the efforts of the federal government by giving out contracts on the rehabilatations and reconstructions of these roads, the citizens equally have cause to worry with the snail speeds in the entire constructions, either from the none competency of the contracting firms, or the lack of funds releases to the firms from the government.

The Niger State Government is spending huge amount of money to rehabilitate these roads in view of their glaring relevance and socioeconomic importance to the state and the country in general.

While the state government has since begun massive road rehabilatations and reconstructions with surface dressing of both urban and rural roads across the three geopolitical zones under the Rural Access and Mobility Programme (RAMP), including entering into agreement with the Korean government for the upgrading of the rail line from Baro to Minna; the good people of Niger State are calling on the Federal government to kindly expedite its intervention by releasing funds to the contractors handling these all important road projects.

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