Tambuwal 2023: Facts are many, but the truth is one, by Nafi’u Lema


The truth of the matter is, the popularity and wide acceptance of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal is increasing by the day. The acknowledged bridge builder, and the overwhelming support the unifier is enjoying from different angles of Nigeria is splendidly an indication that citizens are ready to embrace him as their true hope. Happily, this acceptance is widely cherished by the lovers of democracy but sadly envied by third party elements. And what’s more agonising to them, and what they couldn’t cope with is the fact that Tambuwal has not even declared his intention concerning the much talked about presidential bid.

What made Nigerians look onto Tambuwal as a liberator was how he led the 6th House of Representatives. The most turbulent, and rowdy House in the history of Nigeria. Tambuwal made history through bills that were source of pride to Nigerians. He was able to neutralize flames that erupted then, and proffered long lasting solutions to stormy situations the Executive found itself then. Tambuwal through a peaceful and good ‘walk’ carried along different tribes, ethnic groups as well as political parties for national cohesion. And that was what illuminated the path for the Governor.

At the state level, to his credit, Tambuwal, has not disappointed. Sokoto state has now assumed a befitting status a complete and clear departure from the past. The various people’s centered projects, and policies ushered in, by the Tambuwal’s administration are unsurpassed since the creation of the state. Tambuwal made history as the first sitting Governor to run an inclusive Government, with the opposition parties as integral part of the government. He seeks the advice of his predecessors before making key state related decisions and this courtesy is extended irrespective of party affiliations. His feats in education and other sectors earned him recognition by reputable media outlets like Nigerian Tribune, Leadership Newspaper, Silverbird Group, Vanguard, among others. The return of Sokoto’s economic growth, and diversity are due to Tambuwal’s magic wand. He’s transforming, and promoting Sokoto state to go shoulder to shoulder with its counterparts in the country.

As politicians are now set for a showdown ahead of 2023, our country needs, and yearns for a hero. A hero that can turn around our economy, harness the potentials in our youths, empower the women folk, make good our resources, and make Nigeria great again. Nigerians need not to go any further, the man behind Sokoto state’s success will be the ideal leader Nigeria wants. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal is a lawyer, a life bencher, a former parliamentarian, a former Speaker and the current Governor of Sokoto State. He represents the triangular scope of Nigeria.Mr Lema writes in from Sokoto

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